Stage 1 Vapor Recovery Testing

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Stage 1 Vapor Recovery Testing

Stage 1 Vapor Recovery is used during the refueling of gasoline storage tanks to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. Vapors in the tank, which are displaced by the incoming gasoline, are routed through a hose into the cargo tanker, instead of being vented to the atmosphere. The Stage 1 System is made up of components such as the Pressure/Vent Valve on the Tank Vent, Rotatable Adapters on the Fill and Vapor Risers, Fill Drop Tubes and The Storage Tanks.

During Stage 1 Vapor Recovery Testing, a group of tests are performed in accordance with regulatory standards. These Test Include Pressure Decay, Vapor Tie, P/V Vent Valve Test, and may include Static Torque Rotatable Adapter Test, Drop Tube/Drain Valve, Drop Tube/Overfill Device Testing

The Stage 1 system may be required to be tested Annually or every three years, depending on your region’s implementing Agency.

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